Pilates is a form of exercise that improves movement patterns, posture and strength throughout the body. It is low-impact, slow-paced and is focussed on improving mind-body connection and activation of our central ‘core’ muscles.

A highly supportive, small group session led by a specialist physiotherapist. Whether you can get down to a mat or need to use one of our two specialist beds (plinth) you can enjoy greater control over your body. £15 per session following an 1:1 assessment

FUNctional fitness

A supportive and friendly group where you can improve your fitness and and strength using our studio equipment including the MotoMed active-passive exercise bike that can be used from a wheelchair. Led by a specialist physiotherapist and/or rehabilitation assistant. £10 drop-in sessions available following a 1:1 assessment.

Next Steps

Book a 1:1 assessment with a specialist physiotherapist to determine which local community exercise group or personal trainer sessions would be most appropriate for your condition. We provide support and introduction to the right fitness instructor for you. Assessment £75 including exercise programme prescription, introduction and report

Parkinson’s Group

Kim Wilson is a Parkinson's Warrior accredited instructor and runs a weekly exercise group alongside fitness instructors. High intensity exercise is the only known treatment thought to slow down disease progression. Join our supportive group for expert guidance and take control of your condition. £10    per session following a 1:1 assessment.

NeuroFit is a specialist, high intensity exercise group for people with a neurological condition who are able to balance and move around independently. It is based on the programme by the Nikki Penny Clinic in Brighton. Led by a specialist neurophysiotherapist and rehabilitation assistant and fitness instructor. £10 per session following a 1:1 assessment.


This is a new class based on the Falls Prevention Programme, Otago that originated in New Zealand. Our class aim is to reduce your risk of falling and increase your strength and balance.

Active – Low physical activity is one of the top 10 causes of disability in England. The more you do, the greater the health benefits and the slower the decline in function.

Balance – Low muscle strength and poor balance are key risk factors for having a fall in later life, and falls cause 95% of all hip fractures.

Challenge – If you don’t make a change you WON’T change. Learn more things and expand your mind.

£10 per session following a 1:1 assessment.

Active Balance Challenge