Mr L

Mr L was discharged home from a specialist neurorehabilitation unit requiring 2x 24hour specialist brain injury carers and a specialist postural management programme to manage his extensive contractures following a severe stroke requiring neurosurgery. Surrey Hills Rehab worked intensively with specialist Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Rehabilitation Consultant, Orthotists= and Psychologist. He now lives with support from his family and can walk with sticks.


I have Transverse Myelitis, a rare neurological illness, which I contracted four years ago and which has left me with loss of sensation, weakness, stiff muscles and lack of mobility. There is no cure, and the key treatment is physiotherapy.

After 12 months of gradual improvement in my condition (I did exercises every day and kept as active as possible) I hit a plateau. I then had two sessions with Kim who came to my house.

What a difference those 2 sessions made! Kim did a thorough assessment followed by some exercises to stretch and strengthen my muscles and improve my balance. I added her exercises to my repertoire and my balance and mobility improved.

Last year my condition deteriorated following a fall which resulted in a broken neck of femur and an operation. Kim came to my rescue again and her treatment and advice has helped me to regain what I lost following the fall.

I would certainly recommend Kim as a professional, knowledgeable, effective and caring neurological  physiotherapist.

Mr and Mrs M

We would both like to thank you for the caring and sympathetic attention you gave to Margaret during the consultation it was much appreciated. It is a rather lonely position at times being a sole carer and as I mentioned Margaret was not altogether enthusiastic to my suggestion that we seek further professional help in her rehabilitation so it was great to see you and her get on so well and for her to respond so positively, well done!


Through a mutual friend, I met Kim Wilson just before she opened the Surrey Hills Rehabilitation Studio at Smithbrook Kilns.  She has subsequently proved to be amazingly helpful in so many ways.
I have MS because of which I have problems with walking and general mobility.  After a careful assessment, Kim has devised a maintenance programme of exercises designed to strengthen my leg muscles.  In addition, she recommended a TurboMed device to help with foot drop which has restored my balance and confidence in walking in an extraordinary way.  Kim has also arranged for me to attend a weekly class at the Studio run by another physiotherapist and qualified Pilates teacher, to help to strengthenmy core muscles and generally improve my wellbeing.  I couldn't be more delighted at the outcome of a chance introduction.  Thank you Kim!


Kim was recommended to me when I was searching for a physiotherapist to help my Dad . He has Parkinson's with Lewy Body Dementia and scoliosis so movement and balance were the key issues I wanted addressing. After a thorough assessment Kim devised an exercise regime for Dad which has been of immense help.

She then came back to check all was well and make sure the carers knew how to help Dad with his exercise regime.
Through Kim we were introduced to Beth who helped us improve accessibility around the house and gave us lots of helpful advice on how to instruct Dad when manoeuvring and transferring him, and showed us many aids that are available to assist daily living.
I was so impressed I asked Kim to assess my Mum who has back and knee issues and has to walk with the help of aids.
Again a thorough assessment and exercise regime and advice on how to safely carry out daily tasks around the house.
Mum has been so encouraged that she has decided to take up Pilates classes with Eliza which will not only help her issues and posture but be a chance to get out and meet others.

Kim, Beth and Eliza work really well together as a team and individually. I am impressed that they have managed to motivate both my parents into maintaining a regular exercise regime. Their knowledge, skill and expertise has been invaluable. Nothing has been too much trouble and Mum and Dad's quality of life has been much improved.
I cannot recommend more highly.