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Sarah's Day 2018

Surrey Hills Rehab are working with the lovely Barry, Sales Director from TalarMade to assess as many people with footdrop as possible with the TurboMed orthotic.

Although this is a free event, donations are encouraged to Sarcoma UK in memory of friend and neurophysio colleague Sarah Read who regained quality of life using the orthotic where no other had helped like it before. It allowed her to feel confident and proud in her walking again following a long rehab journey post traumatic surgery for her Sarcoma. It even helped her return to work as a neurophysio and a Race for Life due to its dynamic nature in assisting with foot drop.

On the day you will be assessed by experienced neurophysios with the TurboMed and complete video gait analysis and outcome measures to see if it is effective for you. Depending on your ability you will be able to test it indoors, outdoors, walking, stairs and running. Yes running, with a foot's possible. Even the Marathon de Sable has been completed in this!

Following this you will be able to purchase one yourself directly from TalarMade for £375 or the information to pursue this through your own NHS/GP/orthotics service. If TurboMed is found not to be appropriate for you we can steer you in the right direction for alternatives.

Please note Surrey Hills Rehab will not benefit from this financially, all donations to Sarcoma UK in memory of a wonderful lady taken too soon.

If you are a person with footdrop and would like to attend this event please contact for an application form.

If you are a therapist/orthotist/rehab nurse or Doctor and would like to attend this event for CPD please email or message me and be prepared to roll your sleeves up on the day