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Sarah's Day 2019

Do you struggle with Foot Drop?  


Surrey Hills Rehab are running ‘Sarah’s Day’; a free assessment day on Saturday 21st September 2019 for people with neurological problems causing foot drop. This condition is known to affect people’s balance and making walking more effortful and risking falls.  


The idea of ‘Sarah’s Day’ was born from a dear friend and neurophysio Sarah who sadly passed away in June 2018 from Sarcoma. She was a big advocate of the TurboMed, a device she used for her own foot drop which enabled her to return to some quality of life following traumatic surgery and rehabilitation herself. Following trying many other orthotics this was the only device that allowed her the movement control and confidence to return to work and complete a Race for Life.  


Sarah knew there were lots of issues funding the TurboMed around the country as NHS services catch up with how effective it is – both cost effective for the NHS and quality of life for users. Sarah herself struggled to get it funded despite being under one of the most specialist orthotics services in the country. Therefore, in Sarah’s memory we are holding this assessment day for free although donations are encouraged to SarcomaUK.  There is a limited amount of funding for a TurboMed for people in most need. 

For more information on ‘Sarah’s Day’, Sarah’s own journey or TurboMed itself please follow these links: 


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So what do you need to do to register for ‘Sarah’s Day?’